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  • Facebook group to coordinate fliering [1]
  • Email occupyportlandstreetteam AT gmail DOT com if you're available to pass out flyers and posters!
  • If you can translate flyers or information on the Occupy Portland website, please contact...

Flyer links

  • There are several flyers on the Occupy Portland flyers page. Download them, change them to meet the needs of the people you are reaching out to.
  • 4up (4 per page) flyers are available as PDFs for both the words and picture flyers. The picture one is on 8x11, the words is on 8.5x14. Margins are all perfect at 0.25", and if printed with no zooming, it should require only two cuts to make all the handbills the exact same size. 8.5x14 Legal and 8.5x11 Letter


  • DocuMart -2235 Sandy Blvd 503.284.8151 eastside AT documart DOT com - has great prices, they are a print shop and do the copying, so call ahead to let them know you are coming in.
  • No Limits Stickers - 1703 NE Alberta St 503-360-1066 - is offering to print for less than chain stores. 8.5×11: b&w – $0.10/ea, color – $0.25/ea. 11×17: b&w – $0.20/ea, color – $0.50/ea
  • Office Depot is $0.10/pp for 100 or less, $0.08/pp for 101+ B&W pages (yes, it is cheaper to print 101 than 100 pages). Upgrade to 28lb paper for $0.03/pp.
  • If you are a Oregon Action members ($2/mo. or $25/yr), copies are FREE at their office is on 6601 NE MLK or call 971-634-0004 ask for Steve.
  • If you live in downtown PDX, nightwingdancer AT hotmail DOT com has offered to print posters at home and can deliver them to people within downtown pdx.
  • Loki found that at Office Depot if you print over 100 copies (even 101), the cost of *all* the copies is less – it drops to 8 cents/page vs 10 cents/page. 100 copies = $10, 101 copies = $8.08.

Helpful Tips

  • Print copies of flyers wherever you can, get them posted around town, and get them directly into the hands of people on the street, parks, shopping locations, community centers, homes, etc.
  • Suggestion: print up quarter sheets that have just the basic info. Invite people to the next occupation meeting.
  • Suggestion: print backside of quarter sheet in another language.
  • Suggestion: if you're a student or know a student involved with the movement, make use of free printing from computer labs. The cost is typically built in to school fees. If not, you'll know.