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Moving this to Occupy Portland - Group Text Messaging:

This is set to open and public but Cle.ly has closed features In good conditions:

  • Text @OPcomm to 23599

If cloudy:

  • I had Content Block on my family plan, so I had to get my carrier to turn that off before I could text to 5 digit numbers.

These may be possible options for group text messaging during Occupy Portland.
  • Communication team: Use Celly at cel.ly for free group text messaging. It’s like group email but uses texting instead. Occupy Portland can send messages instantly to people on their cell phones so you can disseminate information and coordinate before, during or after the event.
All phone numbers are private and hidden from others in the group. The group (called a cell) can have as many people as you want. Everyone can chat freely or the cell can be moderated or the members can just receive alerts. Very easy to use, seconds to start, no spamming (the service is opt-in only).
It’s a Portland-based company. Their website is cel.ly (not dot org or dot com but dot ly). It really is free and they don’t sell your information!

==Group Text Messaging

Apparently OWS folks are using this. Can someone look into it for Portland?

"I looked into Vibe and it is available on iPhone - depending upon range set was able to pick up messages from occupiers across the country. Useful. Get it. Look forward to testing in a large group. Also looked into Celly. Simple instructions for most smartphones." - taustinsabel has a celly @occupy4good - please search and find it on the cel.ly website and test it.