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PSA Poster

So, as to an idea for the PSA, I think the Occupy Portland poster could be a good starting point.

It is nicely designed, and it might take about 20 seconds to read and reflect on.

We could even use the wording right off the poster, with graphics to give emotional support the idea there.

although it has been use before, various voices speaking the words (dissolving from face to face). It would be cool if the face on the poster came from a local person, and they could be the last face in the dissolve series.

The dissolve to the actual poster.

Other ideas?

PSA Music

I'd like to put this out there - I've got 3 songs from my past two albums that would make great music beds for any videos pertaining this subject. I volunteer them to anyone who needs them. I can get you high quality .aiff or .wav if necessary. It would be good to get these out as they're high impact and locally made.

Give them a listen at the following links:

"Americism" http://markiris.com/track/americism

"Facing the Comet" http://markiris.com/track/facing-the-comet

"The Post Republic Bankrupt Blues" http://markiris.com/track/the-post-republic-bankrupt-blues

If interested send let me know (Markirismusic [at] gmail [dot] com).

PSA Videos

One thing that would be very useful for us would be a short video PSA, or video Public Service Announcement.

  • It should be short, 30 seconds or less... 20 seconds would be awesome.
  • It should introduce our cause in a dynamic way, to the widest possible audience.
  • It should be made available in Mini DV, DVD compatible MPEG,

streaming MP4

There are several Cable Access shows who are sympathetic to our cause and would run the PSA repeatedly as a 'commercial'.

Here's a brief video on YouTube that we could share too: http://youtu.be/eWe0DmrL6qg. It's from a local artist, poet, musician, Kenneth Rougeau