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  • a "messkit" -- mug/bowl and utensils -- (plus a back-up one for those in need,) to reduce sanitation waste and reduce our footprint. sanitation stations to wash dishes are being worked out.
  • hand towel
  • oil free sunscreen
  • water
  • socks
  • caps, hats
  • first aid kits
  • sticks for splints
  • ace bandages
  • alcohol free plain liquid malox for eyes
  • mylar blankets (army surplus store has)
  • rubbing alcohol, ice packs
  • heat packs
  • sleeping bags
  • tarps, covers, plastic ponchos to stay dry

We also any medical staff willing to volunteer.


  • don't wear contacts
  • bring medications especially inhalers
  • no oil on the body
  • use oil free sunscreen
  • dress for warm days cold night