Occupy Portland Camp update from inside marathon enclosure

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to: occupyportlandcommunications, OccupyPortlandWebTeam, occupyportland AT gmail.com, occupy-portland-media
date: Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 12:19 PM
subject: Occupy Portland Camp update from inside marathon enclosure - Sunday 09 Oct 2011

Good morning all,

I'm gonna do my best here to give an update on what I see & hear about the occupation site. This is based on personal observations & conversations w/ ppl I know & have met who are actively supporting this space.

As best as possible, I have gone to every grouping in the camp that I could find. I will share what I know & have told by various committees/groups:

The athletes are busily coming thru the finish line--much loud speaker noise from constant name announcements & crowd cheers. Camp is enclosed in approx 6' chainlink & see thru mesh (not black view block rubber). Portland Marathon brought in a portajohn for us. Marathon Street crowds are growing. It's pretty chilly out here!

  • info table: they have been coordinating onsite information especially for campers who don't understand what is going on (calling themselves posties) doing volunteer & resource coordination; have been getting the big donations requested on website (great!); also accepting camp cash donations & working w/ finance team. Need info hotline.
  • in-kind donations: clothes, tarps, misc stuff avail for all. Logistics items (eg lighting) distributed to committees for collective safety & work needs.
  • new committee: newspaper--in early discussion about developing one.
  • tactical: no longer active
  • street team: we need to find them & ask what's going on
  • food: spending morning org'g space, sanitizing. There is plenty of food for the day but mostly grab & go (eg pb&j). No hot food or coffee. Have tea & occasional small pot of water 'appears' from ppl in camp. Still no word from marathon ppl how we can receive food-bev donations. Hot coffee would make camp life much easier!!
  • Safety/peace: working efficiently w/ walkie/talkies, still doing de-escalation w/ some ppl. Other main concern is related group of ppl who want to leave camp at their own choice &/or concerned w/ quarantined situation--some ppl also not aware of GA & agreements. Create safe village-like environ. We need to reorg esp when rain comes.
  • media/comm: people are looking into an intranet; a behind the scenes router donation -trying to set it up. (need systems people) Donation came w/ suggestion we pay for connection service; other ideas coming in. Also seeking out media/comm ppl in camp to meet before marchers return. Editorial concerns about content that was going on website & facebook (flow of information / censorship concerns). Media & comms ppl gotta get clear on internal & external comms & outreach. Want to get out info thru Twitter & other ways for ppl w/o or ltd phone access. Wifi avail at media tent, work plan happening for camp-wide wifi.
  • sanitation: are awesome! Cleaned bathroom, set up sanitary supplies, collecting camp trash, sweeping sidewalks, recycling, composting. Best if don't hand touch food, use gloves, tongs to prevent spread of bacteria.
  • medics: buddy pair up, take care of ppl around you; medics have red cross tape; stay hydrated, warm, wash hands. Escorting ppl out of camp who really need to get out. A big concern for some campers.
  • website: where are they? We need ppl w/ access at media tent
  • music tent: just playing music, everything's good!
  • kidscamp: have about 10 kids, don't need anything, fully stocked. Are here & will occupy as long as is necessary. Kids are healthy & happy & taking care of ea other. This occup is about them.
  • sign making tent: have over abundance of signs, gave out cardboard to ppl for bedding, need more cardboard. Need more poster board too.
  • library: needs boxes or material to make book cases. Have more books than places to put books. Gathering literature ppl are writing in camp & find way to put online. Getting a scanner, all should stop by w/ all ideas they have so can be collected. Have huge mural & nicely set up library!! Creating a general directory of services that would be useful to camp. Need secy's to help w/ collection of that info. Come in & sign up for teach ins.

Victory garden: creating space model of what all must do indiv & as a model for collectivity, reclaiming park as a place to be usable, can't eat grass. This space makes a garden that can sustain travelers who come thru, a beautiful legacy, reframing the footprint. Need greens, broc, kale, lettuce, peas, squash, soil, garden gloves, hand shovels, shredded, organic materials. The revolution needs grow lights!

  • morale: committee of 1, others went AWOL. Need ppl to commit & follow thru. Morale is music, poetry reading, slam poetry, whatever ppl want to do to keep up spirits & being friendly.
  • communal art: common place for ppl to share their artistic ideas & art supplies to stay dry. set up last nite, very low on supplies, need big markers, spray paint, wood or bamboo stakes. Kinda linking up w/ morale comm.
  • current camp committee rep check in: Sam says he is point person btwn camp & marathon ppl, hasn't been communicated well w/ all, led to confusion. IMPORTANT: Everyone needs to leave info at info table on whatever you're doing to help.
  • New committee: "engineering"--human generators, electrical, building things, bike repair, working on wifi infrastructure. Currently working on immediate needs of efficient & clean power sources.

Marathon donating bags of extra mylar blankets.

Parks & Rec bringing 4-5 more portapotties after fencing comes down, fixing women's & men's bathrooms, fixing benson bubblers/water pressure.

Many people outside this camp also want this occupation to work!!! We also have to constantly talk about what's going well!!

Mass committee/work group mtg will meet again at 2pm near food-bubbler to be able to better share for when marchers return.