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Test Page

test page location

Organized Power/Test

test page elements

  • Overall: attractive page.
  • Logo
  • Catch phrase (kirk): "Connecting the ideas of working people everywhere."
Catch phrase (dave slight mod): "Connecting the aspirations of working people everywhere."
  • Streaming or 360 image of Portland.
  • Working people faces: slideshow?
  • Contract page.
  • Membership page. (Acknowledgement of new members.)
  • Invitation page. Ability to invite others.
  • Search tool to type in job number that yields:
  1. Description of job
  2. Materials
  3. Physical site
  4. Map to location
Elements format to a printable page that allows searcher to hit "print" and get a page with all the above data.
  • Education page: Education pages can cover any aspect of training. First aid, specific job technique, how to use Organized Power wiki, etc.
    • Subset of education pages can be worker input about tool use techniques, aspects of specific job site, etc.
  • "One Voice" vision page. Explain the "one voice" concept. Invite anyone to add to discussion of "one voice." The "One Voice" page must have restricted editing, but discussion of "one voice" is open for all to participate.
  • Private messaging or discussion between members.

Locally Active Organizations (Portland; Oregon; Washington)

PortlandWiki Page: Jobs with Justice
PDX JwJ's "alternative to the corporate media guide": An Alternative To The Corporate Media
Google Sites Page: JWJ Activism Update Portal from
Labor Notes'
- Community gathers for free soup, asks Rep. Walden: ‘Brother can you spare a job?’
- Wobbly Walk Free Speech Memorial
From web site (access date, September 3, 2011): "For information on starting a chapter in your region, please contact the National Field Team at"
From web site: If you happen to be in the Portland area and would like to meet with any one of the volunteer staff folks at Onward Oregon, just ask. Visit our contact page to send us your request.
Contact Onward Oregon
Conducts "Mapping the Commons" workshops: Workshop: Mapping the Commons


Thinking Together

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