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Join us April 1-2 for the PDX11 Civic Unconference. Please RSVP!


This community meeting is open to all!

Since the inaugural PDX11 meeting in December 2010, three teams have been working separately to meet their goals. Everyone will reconvene on April 1-2 for the PDX11 Civic Unconference to bring the teams back together to share, discuss and hack on the software that supports the goals of PDX11.

Each team will present their charter and discuss their initial findings regarding available resources and the management tools needed to bring it all together.

PDX11 is also assembling developers in the Hackathon community to work on several key pieces of software including: Calagator, ePDX.org, CivicApps inspired projects like PDXAPI, and open source Trimet data processing applications. They also need developers who can pair up and hack codes like Ruby, Python, PHP and Javascript. Non-technical work includes documentation of resources, blogging, data entry, testing, and feature requests.

We put together a detailed Q&A here: http://pdx11.org/node/2919

You'll find out:

  • Where to RSVP?
  • Where will this event be held?
  • Why should I attend?
  • Well, if an unconference isn't planned out ahead of time, what can I

expect to hear about if I attend?

  • Where can I find out more about the Hackathon?
  • What is PDX11 about again?
  • When will this event take place?
  • What is an unconference exactly?
  • Can I get a more detailed schedule?

And there's an RSVP page so we can plan for food & drink:


We are also seeking sponsors! Please contact me if your company is willing to pitch in.

Thanks! -selena

-- http://chesnok.com

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