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PDX Occupy The Dream is a working group within Occupy Portland formed to help create a diverse, inclusive experience within the Occupy movement.

Mission Statement

The Occupy Movement emerged from the breakdown of unjust political, and economic systems. Our central concern must be to raise the interests and voices of the people of color, women, the Gay and Lesbian community, and other segments of society who have always suffered from disparity and disenfranchised under these systems.

We work to create an inclusive atmosphere within Occupy Portland so that members from these communities feel comfortable working and participating fully in Occupy activities. We are connecting with oppressed communities to build bridges and to support them in the ongoing work they are doing. We are all the 99%. Our group purpose is to ensure the voices and interests of oppressed communities are central to all Occupy actions, objectives, and activities at all times.


The following events have been endorsed by PDX Occupy the Dream:

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