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Portland Politics can affect everyone in the Portland metropolitan area.

Politics in the city and the metro area varies widely. While most of Portland proper is very liberal, most of the outlying areas are for the most part, just like Eastern Oregon--very conservative.

Clackamas & Yamhill Counties are usually the most conservative, while Multnomah and Clark ( Vancouver, WA area ) counties are the most liberal. Washington County usually votes approximately 50% for either party.

VIP's to Portland are usually democrats ( both former President Bill Clinton, and former First Lady Hillary Clinton during her 2008 campaign, former VP Al Gore, 2004 Democratic Nominee, John Kerry as well as his running mate, John Edwards, and current President Barack Obama. )

Conservatives who have recently made the trip to Portland to campaign include former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani as well as the 2008 Republican Nominee, John McCain.

City and regional political office positions are usually democratic as well, including current Portland mayor, Sam Adams.

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