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Sometimes called components. These are distinct content items that are finite, and are often positioned separately from the text area of the text. Widgets are often stacked together in a separate column of a page, serving to present the pages content in a different way. Widgets are often used as a jumping off point to other pages.

Global Widgets

widgets that appear in order to represent global content

  • Peer Categories
  • Parent Category
  • News
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Recent pages
  • Popular pages
  • Most changed
  • Account
  • Messaging

Page Widgets

widgets that have content related to the specific page it is on

  • Times viewed
  • Shared Categories
  • Contributors
  • Created/Modified
  • Links Used
  • External links Usd
  • References
  • Status (stump, debated)
  • Publishing

Mind Map of Page Element Ideas

Types of Widget Formatting

  • Image widget - used to display an image with a caption
  • Text widget - used to display a specific set of text
  • Video widget - used to embed an ogg video player
  • Article Widget - represents a separate page by showing a title, excerpt and an image if available
  • Link widget - lists a series of links. Most cases it presents a digest of links within the current page.
  • External Link widget - lists a series of external links. Used to present a set of links related to a spotlighted topic.
  • RSS Widget - used to display content obtained from an RSS feed.

It's important to nail down what elements can be accessed by a widget.