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This page is for designing and discussing the PortlandWiki logo.



Portland Wiki logo-170.png

Flag of Portland
This is the first and currently used logo. It was created as a placeholder until something better was made. The colors are shades of a type of "rose" or pink/red, connoting Portland's "city of roses" nature. The design is derived from the Flag of Portland. The two curved extensions from the square have no particular meaning (got any ideas?).

1a. and 1b.

PortlandWiki logo v1a and v1b paths.svg

Same as 1, but using colors from the flag of Portland.


PortlandWiki logo v2 paths.svg

PortlandWiki is all one word now, reflecting the most common usage here. Since that makes the word longer, it has been moved into a "stacked" configuration, to display better in constrained-width locations (which are not uncommon). The emblem has been made more stylized and less blocky (partially to reduce vaguely swastika-ish bits), but still has no particular meaning.


PortlandWiki logo paths.svg

It's supposed to call to mind a rose, as this is the city of roses. I may have failed at that though, as it sort of resembles a hand for me (which I'm not sure if is a good or bad thing). It may also recollect the "confluence" theme. If a rose motif like this is a promising idea, it might be worthwhile to explore a few more variations. One might also recognize the bottom "petal" is based on the original version (and, hence, the Portland flag), but I doubt anyone would really notice that.


PortlandWiki logo v4 paths.svg

It's a cloud, because, well, Portland is known for its clouds and rain. It's a somewhat cartoony style, which might not match the "PortlandWiki" font, but perhaps might get across that we aren't totally serious and that there is a little more tolerance for casualness and humor in our tone than, say, Wikipedia.


PortlandWiki logo v5 paths.svg

Same as 4, but gray-blue. This would be a more accurate color for our clouds, as blood-red clouds in Portland are only seen in the occasional judgment day/armageddon/army of the antichrist bloodbaths that are somewhat rare these days.


PortlandWiki logo v6.png

Building on the rose theme.


PortlandWiki logo v7.png

This one doesn't have a lot of meaning; it has 14 "petals" for every bridge in Portland. I thought it could also hint at the collaborative nature of wikis, in that several different pieces are forming a larger structure. But that might be too much of a leap for people to pick up on.


PortlandWiki logo v8.png

Also building on the rose theme, this also has "Wiki" in a different color, this is a fairly common technique in logos but it's an effective way of adding color and interest. No particular meaning other than the "city of roses" theme though.


PortlandWiki logo v9 paths.svg

A stylization of the standard wiki "[[ ]]" motif, as well as the simplified "rose" icon some people gave good feedback on.


Please give feedback on what you want to see in a logo, or what you like or dislike about the proposed logos! The place to add your comments is on this page's talk/discussion page, PortlandWiki talk:Logo.