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Logo of the Portland Incubator Experiment
Logo of the Portland Incubator Experiment


The Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) is a partnership among leading brands, technology innovators, and Wieden+Kennedy - the largest privately held advertising and communications company in the world. It serves as a hub for community, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking.[1]


PIE's objective is to be a collaborative center where brands, tech, and culture meet to explore and redefine brand experiences as well as an example of how Portland-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy and its brand partners are supporting the edges of tech culture and brand experiences.[2]

Funding and Incubator Structure

Selected companies receive $18,000 and office space to spend three months at PIE's office in Portland, Oregon. Companies will have access to startups-in-residence, successful alumni, Wieden+Kennedy, and extended mentor networks. Companies are introduced to thought leaders from some of the world’s most successful brands—like Target, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Google.[3]

Pre-Class PIE Companies

In its first year, PIE helped host, accelerate, and mentor the following startups:[4]

Fall 2011 Class


Spring 2012 Class



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