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The Portland Loo is the name of the outdoor public unisex restrooms in downtown Portland.[1] First unveiled in December 2008, there are now six Loos in Southwest and Northwest Portland.[2]

Humane City Award
Humane City Award


Each Loo is composed of stainless steel wall panels mounted to a slim profile structure, so that it weighs a fraction of a typical restroom and can be delivered on site as a complete enclosure. The panels include louvers at the top and bottom of the wall to create an interior environment that offers complete user privacy, while remaining as connected with the outside as possible. The lower louvers are angled to provide law enforcement the opportunity to observe the number of users within the unit without compromising user privacy. The unit's hand-washing station is mounted on the exterior to promote shorter use times and to serve the general pedestrian population. The entire unit can be off-grid and lit entirely by solar-powered LED fixtures, or can be pre-wired for 115 volt AC power. At night, an outside light shines on the exterior until the unit is occupied; then, interior lights activate and exterior lights dim, indicating that said Loo is occupied. The cleaning and maintenance implements, as well as electrical components and solar batteries, are housed in the cabinet at the rear of the unit. The Loos are maintained by Central City Concern.[3]