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Although their numbers are dwindling[1], nearly every community in Portland has a local post office. One reason post offices are closing down -- according to Save the Post Office -- is due to a "phony financial crisis" that has "forced (the Postal Service to) spend nearly 10% of its budget pre-funding retiree health benefits 75 years in advance. No other U.S. agency or private business faces such a crushing financial burden."[2]

Current plans to close half the distribution plants and thousands of post offices, eliminate six-day and door-to-door delivery, out-source postal trucking and abolish 200,000 jobs will send the public postal service into a death spiral.

Save the Post Office

It's true that much of the effort to privatize the U.S. Postal Service flows out of the revolving door culture of public-private corruption. Now that the United States is considered a "mature" economy, the more acquisitive-minded turn their attention to looting institutional wealth -- like social security -- and public institutions like the Postal Service. The wide-scale asset-stripping and public looting that followed in the wake of the Soviet collapse[3][4] provides an excellent roadmap for those seeking a similar plan for the United States as the U.S. continues sliding deeper into economic, social and political decline.[5]

Post Office Boxes

Many post office locations offer post office box rentals. Post office boxes are fine for receiving letter mail, but until 2012 package delivery to USPS post office boxes was not available from private carriers like UPS, FedEx and others. In early 2012, the Postal Service introduced a P.O. Box™ Street Address (PBSA) service[6] that allows box-holders to combine the street address of the post office where their box is located with their post office box number into a street address format.[7][8][9] A mailing industry publication called the new service "a great service for people who already have a PO Box and don't want their packages delivered to their home."[10]

USPS's Enhanced PO Box™ Services (of which P.O. Box™ Street Addressing is a part) have raised the ire of at least a few private-sector mailing and shipping centers. One UPS Store owner complained to the Postal Regulatory Commission, claiming the "new business practices place the United States Postal Service in direct and unequal competition with our businesses and thousands of other small businesses across the country."[11] Postal customers have also complained. One box-holder claimed that UPS refused to deliver her package to her "enhanced" P.O. Box.[12]

Label from a FedEx package delivered to P.O. Box in Portland using Post Office's P.O. Box™ Street Address (PBSA)[7] technique, part of its Post Offices™ with Enhanced PO Box™ Services.[8]

Post Office Box Address Formats

Shown below is PortlandWiki's post office box address formatted in the standard P.O. Box and P.O. Box™ Street Address (PBSA) formats.

Standard P.O. Box Address Format
PO BOX 4524
PORTLAND OR 97208-4524
P.O. Box™ Street Address (PBSA) Format
715 NW HOYT ST UNIT 4524
PORTLAND OR 97208-2671[13]
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Post Office Locations

Reduced lobby hours at Portland's main post office, located at 715 NW Hoyt St.
Sortable table[14][15]
Brooklyn 1410 SE Powell Boulevard Portland Oregon 97202 (503) 236-0256
Central 204 SW 5th Avenue Portland Oregon 97204 (503) 294-2564
Cherry Blossom DCU[16] 10445 SE Cherry Blossom Drive Portland Oregon 97216 (503) 408-0265
CPU[17] Cedar Hills Mart & Mall 10170 SW Park Way Portland Oregon 97225 (503) 297-5755
CPU[17] Holiday Card Shoppe 5117 SW MacAdam Avenue Portland Oregon 97239 (503) 274-1361
CPU[17] Hollywood 42nd Street Station 2000 NE 42nd Avenue, Suite D Portland Oregon 97213 (503) 824-8381
CPU[17] Lambs @ Stroheckers 2855 SW Patton Road, Suite C Portland Oregon 97201 (503) 223-7391
CPU[17] Lambs Garden Home Thriftway 7410 SW Oleson Road Portland Oregon 97223 (503) 244-9263
CPU[17] More Than Mail 6327 SW Capitol Highway, Suite C Portland Oregon 97239 (503) 245-3698
CPU[17] Woodstock Safeway 4515 SE Woodstock Boulevard Portland Oregon 97206 (503) 788-9037
Creston 5010 SE Foster Road Portland Oregon 97206 (503) 788-9037
East Portland 1020 SE 7th Avenue Portland Oregon 97214 (503) 234-6182
Forest Park 1706 NW 24th Avenue Portland Oregon 97210 (503) 228-5412
Holladay Park 815 NE Schuyler Street Portland Oregon 97212 (503) 282-0950
Kenton 2130 N Kilpatrick Street Portland Oregon 97217 (503) 735-9816
Lents at Easport 3850 SE 82nd Avenue Portland Oregon 97266 (503) 774-1522
Lents DCU[16] 8100 SE Crystal Springs Boulevard Portland Oregon 97206 (503) 774-4938
Midway Postal Retail Store 400 SE 103rd Drive Portland Oregon 97216 (503) 251-2727
Milwaukie 11222 SE Main Street Portland Oregon 97222 (503) 654-1643
Multnomah 7805 SW 40th Avenue Portland Oregon 97219 (503) 452-3112
Piedmont 630 NE Killingsworth Street Portland Oregon 97211 (503) 282-5025
Portland Main Post Office 715 NW Hoyt Street Portland Oregon 97208 (503) 525-5398
Rose City Park 2425 NE 50th Avenue Portland Oregon 97213 (503) 282-4761
Sellwood DCU[16] 8816 SE 17th Avenue Portland Oregon 97202 (503) 232-9566
Sellwood Retail Store 6723 SE 16th Avenue Portland Oregon 97202 (503) 234-3246
Solomon Courthouse 620 SW Main Street, Suite 101 Portland Oregon 97205 (503) 294-2399
University 1505 SW 6th Avenue Portland Oregon 97201 (503) 274-1362 (Closed)
West Slope 3225 SW 87th Avenue Portland Oregon 97225 (503) 203-8705


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