Put Police Accountability in the City Charter 09 January 12

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Make Civilian Oversight Part of Portland's Charter!


Occupy Portland in City Hall, 8 Dec 2011
  • Date: Monday, January 9, 2012
  • Time: 6PM - 8PM
  • Location: Rose Room, 3rd Floor, Portland City Hall 1221 SW 4th Avenue
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Change Portland's Charter so The People have meaningful oversight over police conduct.

What are your ideas? Two ideas are gaining traction:

  • The CRC should be provided legal representation other than the City Attorney, who has a responsibility to prevent the city from exposure to lawsuits: this duty conflicts with uncovering misconduct.
  • Eliminate police horses. Perhaps we could get animal rights people to join those of us who were pushed about by these workhorses and into tear-gassers barricading the street. If the city was concerned by infestations in the Occupy Portland camp, then they will be incensed to learn about the rats down by the horse barn!

Bring words you think should go into the City Charter. Bring your friends. Bring us change!

We need to demand structured change. Once we get this document amended, we can begin work on the U.S. Constitution!

For more information, contact Portland Copwatch.

You can also testify by email or by phone at the link below.

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Put Police Accountability in the City Charter - Link to more detailed information.

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