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Portland is occasionally known in the media as Pornland due to its national reputation for having a thriving sex industry. Common claims cited are the "largest legal sex industry per capita"[1] and the "most strip clubs per capita"[2], both claims trouncing sex industry hot spots Las Vegas and San Francisco. Portland's sex industry is also extremely diverse, covering a large spectrum of legality and morality, including strip clubs, sex shops, swinger clubs, burlesque performances, lingerie shows, erotica, pornography, BDSM dungeons, escort services, massage parlors, prostitution, and sex worker trafficking.

The most infamous recent news coverage of Portland's sex industry has been of Portland's reputation as a hub for prostitution and trafficking of child sex workers.[1][3]

Particular hubs of Portland's sex industry (legal and/or illegal) include nearly the entire stretch of East 82nd Avenue, West Burnside Road west of I-205, and Old Town.



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