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Social Justice Workshops by Ariel Howland


  • Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011
  • Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Location: Reed College - see below

My transphobia/cissexism workshop will be at Reed College in the Feminist Student Union at 7:00pm on Nov 30th.

My sexual assault/consent/supporting survivors workshop will be at Reed College in Vollum Lounge at 7:00pm on Dec 1st.

Here are the workshop descriptions. The workshops are sponsored by the Feminist Student Union and the Queer Alliance


An Introduction to Transphobia and Cissexism

This workshop will attempt to incorporate basic and intermediate information about transphobia and cissexism as a system of oppression. This workshop will be part presentation and part group discussion. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and contribute their knowledge. This workshop is designed for people wishing to be allies but anyone is welcome to attend. This workshop will include a few handouts for workshop attendees. Transgender 101 workshops often prioritize topics and questions like terminology, what is a trans person anyway?, how do hormones and surgery affect trans people physically?, and the difficulty non-trans people have with using the correct pronouns for trans people. Terminology and other basic info will be covered but this workshop will utilize an intersectional analysis of systems of oppression to focus on how gender-variant people are oppressed in America. Some of the topics covered include: common prison/jail/police policy, job, healthcare, and housing discrimination, colonization, poverty, sex work, fetishizing of trans people, bathroom access, immigration, airport harassment, gender identity disorder and coercive therapy, etc. Due to time constraints some of these topics might not get covered. Come with your questions, your input, and your ears. The presenter will try to meet the audience where they are.

Introduction to Sexual assault, consent, and supporting survivors - a sex-positive approach.

The goal of this workshop is to give workshop attendees a better understanding of sexual violence, practical information about consent and providing emotional support to survivors of sexual violence. This workshop will go over sexual violence myths, common dynamics around sexual violence, problems with the legal system, tips on providing emotional support, self-care and other topics. Note: The consent section will include a little info about negotiating consent in BDSM scenes. (BDSM stands for (bondage, domination, and sado-masochism). This workshop will be part presentation and part discussion including some small group activities. Attendees are encouraged to take care of themselves and are encouraged to opt out of any activity they don’t feel comfortable with. Ariel has been involved in, feminist, sex-positivity, and anti-sexual violence activism as well as survivor support but still has a lot to learn from people who come to this workshop.

Note: I have been told that people will be available to provide emotional support to workshop attendees. I have more experience with providing emotional support to survivors and doing anti-sexual violence activism then most people but I am not an expert or a survivor. The longest training I have completed around this was a 40 hour training from Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene.



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