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Adding A Topic (Outside the threaded discussion.)

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Just Sayin ! (By

Editor's Note -- Moved the text shown below (originally contributed by from main article to here.

The greatest effect for economic stability would be for all 12-35 yr olds to simply stop buying Apple,Nike,buying consumer goods and such things as books on line, park your vehicles 1-2 times a wk and not purchase gas and boycott all companies who have established all their manufacturing plants outside of America. Out of all the computer related manufacturers Intel is about the only corporation that HAS kept its chip manufacturing plants in the USA. While looking at all the protesters clothing, technology gadgets (laptops,cell phones,I-Pads, I-phone, Columbia sportswear, Nike) look at the tags and see just where it was manufactured. It is the generations of the past 2-3 decades that has caused our economic collapse so it behooves how one can effectively protest against themselves for their ignorant lifesyle,habits,consumer practices which has put millions of Americans out of work as did the "Occupy Ports" day which caused thousands of simple blue-collar workers lost wages at a most crucial time (holidays). Tis the protesters and demonstraters that are the major problem/substantial cause for our economic woes. The monger corporations are not at fault because you swallow the carrot and stand in line to buy the latest Apple product manufactured everywhere but in America. Tis the protester/demonstrater that is 50% to blame. The "General Assembly" can't once reach a common consensus,tactic or strategy among a mere several hundred participants but you sure can rally 23 million of them to purchas I-Pads in the first 6 months when they hit consumer market place and you can't get a basic consensus but sure as heck can get 42 million of your to plaster your photos and mindless chat all day long on Facebook. The energy demand you create through your daily lifestyle as you spend a national average of 8 hrs in front of your computer screens and similar such habits is totally unsustainable, notwithstanding all the toxic waste within your cell phones,computer gadgets that is dumped onto unsuspecting Third World countries garbage heaps and to be recyled in Indonesia for example whereby polluting their environment and human body. Hypocrisy abounds out their on the demonstaters lines of protest, perhaps practicing what u preach/espouse, talking the talk and walking the walk and a scintilla of consistency in thought-actions-practices would be a more effective path to social change for tis you who have bought into the corporations hyperpole, advertising and lust for material toys that has vastly contributed to the very things you now protest and rattle on about. Lets see some consistency. Just Sayin !

17:29, 15 December 2011

Proposed Demands Simplified with local efforts to support

I propose we keep it super simple as follows (adjustment of language needed)

We Occupy Portland demand the separation of corporations from political power. (have this or something with the same meaning be our uniting mantra) To accomplish this We demand that corporations can not donate money to political campaigns and the politicians can not benefit during or after office in ways that would cause a conflict of interest with their service as elected officials. We demand that the rights we have as people are not given to corporations and that corporate personhood is ended.

I propose Occupy Portland supports three local efforts Ranked Choice Instant Runoff Voting for Portland. Currently the Charter Review Commission has formed a committee to consider putting it on the ballot. But they need popular support.

Public Financing of Elections in Portland, sometimes called clean elections or voter owned elections. We had it briefly, but it lost last election due in large part to the counter campaign of the Portland Business Alliance. While we had it councilwoman Amanda Fritz used it to get elected. There is a signature gathering campaign to get it back on the ballot, but they need support. This directly challenges big money in politics.

Lastly battling corporate personhood. There is an effort to get Portland to pass a resolution that would show support for a US Constitutional amendment that would end corporate personhood. In addition there is an effort to get the city charter review to put on the ballot a charter amendment that would have Portland directly challenging the US Supreme court by saying corporations are not people and so are not entitled to the rights of people.

-Jorden Leonard, 2 October 2011

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WikiMaster (talk)16:49, 2 October 2011

Proposed demands?

This list was originally published on the page, but I moved it here pending discussion of how this should all work...

  1. Overhaul and simplify the federal income tax code to promote fairness and reasonableness in the collection of funds from the general public to pay for government activities. Eliminate deductions that primarily benefit the wealthy.
  2. Strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare through increases in payroll taxes, including lifting the cap on income subject to Social Security taxes and subjecting investment income to both Social Security and Medicare taxes. Prohibit "payroll tax cuts" that undermine the long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare.
  3. Set a statutory timetable for lowering Medicare eligibility to age 0 by 2020, to ensure that all Americans have access to quality medical care.
  4. Disassemble/reorganize the "too-big-to-fail" financial institutions, to protect the long-term financial and economic health of the nation. Impose a tax on speculative financial transactions to fund an expanded Securities and Exchange Commission. Enforce a separation of banking and "investment" (gambling) activities.
  5. Set a statutory timetable to close all overseas military bases by 2030. Immediately cease all covert military operations. Use the fiscal savings to support and strengthen the United Nations and World Court as viable international organizations promoting peace and justice.
  6. Increase income taxes on wealthy Americans to fund a National Race Relations Board, in order to break the persistent link between race and economic status.
  7. Require all states to institute "instant run-off" voting to allow voters on all sides of the political spectrum to express support for 3rd party candidates. Allow the popular vote to determine election winners, and eliminate the electoral college.
  8. Abort the Keystone XL pipeline project, or offset the environmental impact through mandatory reductions in coal mining in North America. Institute a tax on carbon emissions to fund expansion of the EPA.
  9. Abolish corporate 'person-hood.' Shift liability for corporate actions to shareholders. Revoke corporate charters for corporations with a history of acting in disregard of the public interest.
  10. Set mandatory caps on executive compensation, expressed as a relationship to the federal minimum wage.
  11. Tax private secondary schools and colleges, to create a fund to reduce the cost of public education.
Racer (talk)16:20, 2 October 2011

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WikiMaster (talk)16:48, 2 October 2011

How should this page work??

My instinct on this page is to post items that have been discussed and approved by the GA, and then monitor to allow only minor edits. What's on here right now is only the barest of templates. I see nothing wrong with building a big list of ideas (in brainstorming fashion) and then taking it the to GA for discussion, editing, approval, etc.

Racer (talk)14:43, 1 October 2011

How about: In the list of demands, please include only items that you think are acceptable to a vast majority of the 99%, and which you would feel a genuine sense of failure if not met as a result of the Occupy movement.

Racer (talk)14:47, 1 October 2011

And if it seems like I'm trying to take too much control here, I'm really just trying to get the ball rolling. Give us a place to discuss this stuff. Make whatever changes you want! (In good faith, of course.)

Racer (talk)10:53, 2 October 2011

Hey Racer:

We might have to set up discussion / collaboration spaces outside the official Discussion/Talk page of the article to escape the imposition of the LiquidThreads extension that has taken over all PortlandWiki's talk pages ever since we installed it. Or contributors can just understand that lists, documents, instructions happen in the main name space or subpage space, and that the talk pages that are connected to each of the main, project or subpage namespaces are there for the types of discussions like we're having now.

WikiMaster (talk)12:00, 2 October 2011

That's all beyond me! Whatever you think is best.

Racer (talk)15:24, 2 October 2011

Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, Gold Standard

Proposed demand, as of 7:20AM PST Oct 2, moved from main page to "Discussion":

Abolish the Federal Reserve and re-institute a gold/silver backed currency.

Reply from another user:

This is a total deal breaker, and I don't think it's very well thought out. I agree with everything else but this is economic suicide. What would be smarter would be to increase the reserve stock ratio of tangibles (silver, gold, even a national transit system) to liabilities (cash, bonds, and certificates) issued. By doing so, we would increase the value of our currency, limit our liabilities, and tie them to real stock, which is a fiscally conservative measure that would hopefully appease both sides. Furthermore, it's not so radical that it would plummet us into total economic obscurity. We could also use it to force banks to hold higher reserves, which would prevent irresponsible lending.


Racer (talk)07:26, 2 October 2011