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Within the reigning social order, the general public must remain an object of manipulation, not a participant in thought, debate, and decision.
- Noam Chomsky, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

PortlandWiki / WikiWednesday November 10 2010 Meetup

In attendance: Kotra, Steve Roberts, Dave. Steve Roberts ideas on making Voice of Portland more comprehensible, and for recruiting contributors tasked with specific functions:

  • "Define "civic" as it relates to PortlandWiki. Start with a definition of what 'civic' is."
  • Ethic Zero: Contributor responsible for contributions she or he makes.
  • Guide high-school student to work on developing a defined set of introductory "ethics" for PortlandWiki.
  • Students at Portland State University may be interested in doing their Capstone Project doing specific PortlandWiki functions (outreach, documentation, etc).
  • "What are the ethics that define 'outreach'?"
  • Define participation in a civic project or as part of a community.
  • Focus on clearly defining ethics early and also establish some kind of institution or structure to formalize "community ownership."
  • Library host or sponsor hosting PortlandWiki?
  • Emergent Goals: Establish goals with the understanding they'll evolve. Focus on the goals at hand, but allow them to guide their own evolution.
  • Pitch PortlandWiki as the "emergent wiki" to complement Portland's emergent future.

Friday | November 12, 2010 | PortlandWiki Ethics/Policy Development Discussion

Sofia and her dad met at Blitz Pearl to discuss her possible interest in developing a "first draft" or introductory set of ethics, policies, guidelines for PortlandWiki. Her activity would be coordinated by someone from her school's faculty and a representative at PortlandWiki.