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Additional Research; Notes

Abstract: Scant attention has been paid to the phenomenon of modern slavery in the management literature. This paper redresses this by identifying modern slavery as a management practice, comprising exploiting/insulating capabilities and sustaining/shaping capabilities. A model is presented that specifies how these micro organization-level capabilities enable enterprises that deploy slavery to take advantage of the macro institutional conditions that permit the practice to flourish in the face of widespread illegality and illegitimacy. Potential implications for management theory and suggestions for further theoretical and empirical research are then advanced.
INTRODUCTION: This article is about the wrongful exclusion of American slavery from histories of management. There is at least an argument that this is of intrinsic relevance to management studies. This is a part empirical revision that writes in a missing link with one of the most significant, and devastating social processes to have affected Africa, Europe, and the Americas in the modern era. This revision extends what is recognized as the collective understanding of our field.