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address {{{address}}}
neighborhood {{{neighborhood}}}
cross streets {{{cross streets}}}
other info {{{other info}}}
landmark {{{landmark}}}
city quadrant {{{city quadrant}}}
notes {{{notes}}}
website {{{website}}}

Template Notes

  • This template is placed at the top.
  • It provides basic, at-a-glance facts about the subject.


Use the entire code as shown below:

| image = 
| address = 
| neighborhood = 
| cross streets = 
| other info = 
| landmark = 
| city quadrant = 
| notes = 
| website = 

Leave blank any info you don't know or can't find.

  • The box shown top, right is the back-end code.
  • The box shown beneath it is an example of what the box looks like after you insert your info.
  • The code just below is what you insert at the top of your wiki article.