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This documentation subpage contains instructions, categories, or other information for technical reasons.
To view the Template page itself, see Template:Transclude.

This template produces the full name of the page transcluded if a name is put in double braces.

Parameter without namespace prefix:

  • {{transclude|Foo}} → Template:Foo [1]
  • {{Foo}} → Foo [2]

Parameter with namespace prefix:

  • {{transclude|:Foo}} → Foo [3]
  • {{:Foo}}Foo [4]
  • {{transclude|Template:Foo}} → Template:Foo [5]
  • {{Template:Foo}} → Foo [6]
  • {{transclude|Help:Foo}} → Help:Foo [7]
  • {{Help:Foo}}Help:Foo [8]

Internal details

{{NAMESPACE:{{{1}}}}} determines the namespace prefix without colon; it is empty both if the parameter has no prefix at all, and if it starts with a colon. To distinguish these two cases, {{NAMESPACE:Template{{{1}}}}} is considered: if that is empty the parameter does not start with a colon.

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