Thriller 10 29 2011

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Thriller Dance Phenomenon, 10/29-30

Date and Time Information
  • Dates Saturday, October 29th & Sunday, October 30th
  • Sponsor Thrill the World Portland
  • Info Page Thrill the World

--- This is not an Occupy Portland endorsed event, just an opportunity to express yourself and have some fun ---


The first is the official Thrill the World day, Saturday, October 29th, at 7:00pm at Irving Park, in NE Portland.
The second on October 30 at Hollywood Vintage. The performance will be approx. 12:30pm


Details can be found at

Occupy Participation

It would be really awesome if we banned together for a performance(s) of a Zombie Thriller Dance. We could all dress in attire that makes a statement, like 1% zombies, zombie bankers, or with anti 1% slogans painted on our clothes or whatever. We definitely do not want to be overpowering the event. Sometimes less is better and we want to be respectful of the hosts. Check it out!

Learn the Dance

You can learn the dance with the following You Tube series. Learn the Thriller Dance