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New events408:02, 5 November 2011
Did you see Kotra's template?302:30, 2 November 2011
Can you say a little about yourself?000:15, 2 November 2011
Welcome620:41, 28 October 2011

New events

Hi. Thats really nice that you have worked on the events page tonight. I worked on it for about three hours adding in several new events and when I tried to save them, I received an error message. Apparently, you saved at about the same time. I lost all of my work and I am not interested in staying up any longer to try to recreate it. Not to mention you have completely changed the format. I no longer know how to edit that page so you can take over the updating. Do you have access to the Action Committee. If not, contact them and I am sure that you can get the information. Good luck, 2 November 2011

Sorry that happened to you. One of the things that works best in wiki is to save often. If you have an edit conflict it is easy to save your work anyways. Basically there is a screen of your edits below the edit conflict, all you do is, when it happens, copy that into the top section and hit save. It saves your work, and stomps the other person, but since both are now in the version history, it is easier to reconcile. Hope you will come back to wiki! Best,

MarkDilley00:14, 2 November 2011

I'm very sorry that happened. I tried to wait till late at night to try to avoid that.

I am working at moving all events to sub-pages so that when they are finished, we still have their information ( right now the old events just get deleted and lost ) - see the "Past Events" discussion thread below.

The idea is that each new event gets its own page "Event Name Start Date" ex. "Occupy Your Capitol 10 29 2011" - and that will allow us to better move the event info around as events get nearer, and eventually pass.

My suggestions for how to display them are as follows ( but as unique pages we will have lots of flexibility ):

  • Those further out than a week can be entered as [[Event Name Start Date]] entries in the "Upcoming Events" list.
  • Near term events can be entered as {{:Event Name Start Date}} and this will "expand them" so that they appear on the main page directly.
  • Those that have passed can be entered as [[Event Name Start Date]] entries in the "Past Events" list.

Again, sorry that you lost so much work.

Ios (talk)00:29, 2 November 2011


I'm so so sorry you lost so much work! ;-(

Another issue that may have contributed to the fiasco is a routine maintenance update on PortlandWiki's MediaWiki software that went awry.

Normally, updating MediaWiki is fairly straightforward, even if it's a bit tedious. Unfortunately database issues and extension conflicts caught us by surprise during this latest update. The errors generated by the conflicts were difficult to decipher and we experienced some significant downtime as a result.

With kind regards,

WikiMaster (talk)16:19, 4 November 2011

Thanks guys! That is nice that you all could understand my frustration. I really should have been saving often. I know better but I had it in my head to just get everything situated first so I didn't have to go in and out of the editing, which I usually do so I can check my formatting.  :) Los, you have done a really nice job with setting up the new format. I love it! Once I came back (after some sleep, hehe) I was able to see how it worked. The notations were helpful as well. So glad I have some great people to work with!

Tiff (talk)08:02, 5 November 2011

Did you see Kotra's template?

let me go look for it

MarkDilley00:07, 2 November 2011

here it is: Template:Occupy Portland Event - looks cool and I understand if you would rather someone else tackled that! :-) also, what do you think about putting a category on those pages... something like Category:OccupyEvents] or something. Best,

MarkDilley00:09, 2 November 2011

yeah: it looks pretty cool. i can try to use it when i add / edit events from now on, but maybe this is also something that should go to the wiki email group if it hasn't already - or onto the portland events discussion page?

adding categories to the template seems good. there's also these two: Category:Events, Category:Occupy Portland. I'm not familiar enough with wiki protocol to know which set would be best.

Ios (talk)01:56, 2 November 2011

excellent idea!

MarkDilley02:30, 2 November 2011

Can you say a little about yourself?

on the personal page Ios - if not cool, if so cooler! :-) Best,

MarkDilley00:15, 2 November 2011

Glad you are here working on Occupy Portland stuff!

09:50, 24 October 2011

Can I help you upload the flier here? I think it would be great to have a flier gallery.

15:54, 27 October 2011

thanks for the great suggestion! I don't know how to upload jpgs, ( it tells me i'm not allowed ), but I did upload two pdf flyer versions and linked to them on the events page.

Ios (talk)16:10, 27 October 2011

Thats great. I thought that was a nice touch.

Tiff (talk)17:25, 28 October 2011

cool - I will test why jpgs didn't work, they should have. see how it looks on Why do Corporations Have More Rights Than You Do - you are doing great work!!

22:47, 27 October 2011

Sorry, the jpg uploading thing was my fault. I fixed it now, you should be able to upload them.

kotra (talk)17:33, 28 October 2011

great. thanks. i will give it a try!, 28 October 2011