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The water in Portland is unbeatable. Whenever I travel, I find that the water is unimpressive compared to the water in Portland, Oregon.

Organizations like WaterWatch and Portland Water Bureau work to maintain our water's satisfying taste and cleanliness. WaterWatch works to protect in-stream flows for fish, wildlife, and people. Portland Water Bureau is responsible for our water's infrastructure, fiscal, and natural resources.

The water we drink in Portland comes from rainfall in the Bull Run Watershed near Mount Hood. Some of our water even starts as snowfall and fog drip within the watershed. Interestingly enough, none of Portland's drinking water comes from Mount Hood itself; the watershed and Mount Hood are separated significantly. Other drinking water comes from Portland's groundwater supply.

The water in the watershed runs down Bull Run River and Bull Run's reservoirs. Then, the water enters a treatment facility where it is treated with chlorine and ammonia called chloramination, to give it its incredible and fresh taste. Chloramination also disinfects the water of any contaminants, so people don't have to be sorry later after they've drank their eight servings of water for the day.

Our water runs beneath streets and sidewalks to get to our homes and businesses. Portland provides water for approximately one-fourth of Oregon's population: Portland residents and the residents of 19 suburbs and water districts. Impressive!

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