Working America in Oregon is Proud to Endorse Occupy Portland

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TO:     Occupy Portland
FROM:  Working America, Oregon
RE:     Letter of Support

Working America in Oregon is proud to endorse Occupy Portland. Since participating on the October 6 march, our staff has been actively engaged in supporting Occupy Portland and we continue to work with our members to build unity in the 99% movement.

Working America is the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO and the fastest-growing organization for working class people in the country, with 3 million members nationally and 150,000 members in Oregon. Most of our working class members can’t camp out in public spaces, but they support the spirit of your protests, the fight against corporate control of government, and the fight for good jobs and democracy. Our members have been struggling against the stranglehold big corporations and Wall Street have on our economy and they join you in calling on corporations, big banks, and the financial industry to do their part to create good jobs, stop foreclosures and pay their fair share of taxes. Working America shares Occupy Portland’s determination to hold Wall Street accountable and speak out against our country’s staggering wealth gap, the lack of work for people who want to work, and the domination of our politics by the 1%.

Thank you for sparking this movement.

In Solidarity,

Amy Herzfeld        Tara Murphy
State Director        Senior Member Coordinator

Working America  ::  3645 SE 32nd Ave.  ::  Portland, OR 97202  ::  (503) 274-9885