Young Photographers Alliance Group Show - Friday, August 16, 2013

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Young Photographers Alliance Group Show - Friday, August 16, 2013


Hotcake House, Photo: Sofia Angelina Marcus-Myers



This summer I (Sofia Angelina Marcus-Myers) took part in a photography mentorship program made possible by the Young Photographers Alliance (YPA -, which helps young photographers become successful. On August 16th, I will take part in a group photography show with the two other brilliant youngins that took part in this program with me!

The theme for this summer's show is escape, and along with three amazing mentors, the three protégés (Mei Ratz, Nick Fochtman, and I) have created projects that reflect the theme. Below is a summary of each of our projects.

Our lovely mentors consist of Leah Nash (, Christopher Onstott (, and Tom Hassler ( Check them out cause they are super cool!!!

Also, it is Nick's birthday on August 5th, and it is my birthday on August 8th... the best birthday present all of you can give us is to SHOW UP to this event. I don't care if you're one of those Facebook friends I don't know!! JUST DO IT!!! There will be FREE drinks and food, too. Just saying...


How do the escapes of humanity change over time? And especially as humanity ages? What do people look for when things get terrifying and tough? Where do people go? Who do they look for? Does it change? Or does it stay consistent through life? What escapes do we carry within us as our true north and strength? That is what I set out to find out. A light chaser, a hopeful optimist, a truth seeker and a woman who always chooses today. Mei is a fourth year communication design student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is a portrait photographer who's mission is to inspire with strategic design and beautiful imagery.


As some of the most hated people of society, convicted sex offenders are often dehumanized and ostracized. This project examines the life of Tom and Marlayne Madison, a convicted sex offender and his wife, and how they escape from a society that does not accept them. By exploring the isolation convicted offenders experience, this project also attempts to reveal the ways society escapes from taboo subjects. Sofia Marcus-Myers is an aspiring photojournalist and fine art photographer who enjoys learning about topics that are often ignored.


In the United States, a person kills themself every 14 minutes. With each of these deaths an estimated 6 people are intimately affected. These people are known as “Suicide Survivors.” Suicide is often an act of escape from the unmitigated pain of living, but for Survivors, the grief and loss becomes an inescapable part of their lives. Nick’s project focuses on the experience of a small group of Portland Survivors. Nick hopes his project can help, in a small way, reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness. Nick Fochtman is a documentary photographer based in Portland, OR. His work can be seen at

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