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{{#section:CA/Continuations Documents & Media|continuations documents & media doclist}}

<properties> @title=FAQ Document Title=Community Assembly for a People’s Budget - Frequently Asked Questions Note=Frequently Asked Questions @title=Survey Title=Community Assembly Participant Survey Note=Participant survey. </properties>

<properties> @title=PDF Document Title=Simplified Assembly Agenda Note=A brief overview of planned meeting agenda for the Community Assembly to Create a People's Budget on Saturday, May 5, 2012. </properties>

<properties> @title=Document Title=Resolution in Support of a Community Assembly to Create a “People’s Budget” Note=(Short version.) @title=Document Title=Resolution in Support of a Community Assembly to Create a “People’s Budget” Note=(Long version -- draft.) </properties>

<properties> @title=Document Title=A Budget for the Rest of Us Note=Initial "call to action." @title=Document Title=Peoples’ Assembly Organizing Committee - Combined Meeting Notes Note=Cumulative meeting notes sorted by date. </properties>

<properties> @title=Document Title=CA Outreach Update - Time Sensitive Note=(Shorter, updated list.) @title=Document Title=CA outreach lists Note=(Fuller list.) </properties>

<properties> @title=Document Title=Proposal Ideas: Community Assembly for a People’s Budget Note=This document contains DRAFT proposals that began with suggestions and ideas that emerged during an early meetup to plan for a Community Assembly Meeting for a People’s Budget, which took place on Thursday, January 26, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. </properties>

<properties> @title=Spreadsheet Title=Contact list for peoples budget (2) Note=This spreadsheet is only available to those with access privileges. If you require access to this spreadsheet, please contact an administrator. </properties>

To edit the Google Document shown below, click here: Community Assembly Debrief {{#widget:Google Document

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{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet

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