The Executive Board of Laborers' Local 483 announces its united stand with Occupy Portland

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The Laborer's International Union of North America Laborers Local 483 (LIUNA) announced its united stand in solidarity with the Occupy Portland movement. The letter is signed by the Executive Board of of Laborer's Local 483.

The letter is addressed to the Protesters that Occupy Portland and is from the 900 members of the Portland Oregon local, who "build and maintain the infrastructure of your City of Portland, including the roads upon which you march today, the wastewater treatment facilities for the public toilets you use, and the parks you occupy." It states that the membership "unites with Occupy Portland."

The letter was read on the Portland Community Media long-standing program TV Set with Jim Wrathall, October 9, 2011, during a segment of an interview with a group of local union members and individuals participating in Occupy Portland in support of Occupy Wall Street. The union recently announced that it backs the Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Together Movement [1].

The Public Access cable program TV Set will rebroadcast on October 12, 8:00 p.m., on Comcast Cable Channel 22, and again on October 17, 5:00 p.m., on Comcast Cable channel 23.