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A Civic Symphony?

What is the "Voice of Portland"?

Here we attempt to clarify the "Voice of Portland" as defined by the PortlandWiki community of contributors. The goal is to identify and define specific attributes and characteristics that enable PortlandWiki to equitably and authentically represent the entire community of Portland, Oregon.

This is a tall order and a tough challenge. Some consider Portland as having a relatively homogeneous culture (where "people of color" aren't as represented as much as in other medium and large cities in the United States, for instance). Even so, Portland is home to people who also inhabit a diverse set of distinct cultures, experiences, backgrounds, walks of life, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), political ideologies, social statures and so on.

How does a Civic Wiki accommodate so many voices?

PortlandWiki will succeed at truly representing the entire Portland community by not losing sight of this goal as its primary mission. As the project evolves, its contributors will need to refocus on how effectively or honestly its mission is maintained. Again, this is a tough challenge. And it's easy to cynically dismiss such challenges as unworkable or impossible.

Choir Practices

PortlandWiki launched with the idea of becoming a sort of "Wikipedia for Portland" with a uniquely Portland flavor (versus a dry, encyclopedic style). The "just the facts, ma'am" style necessary for an encyclopedic knowledge base like Wikipedia is insufficient for any civic wiki striving to capture the authentic "flavor" of its community.

Some of the current discussion and planning for PortlandWiki is taking place on its Community Portal discussion page. Please have a look, get involved and add your voice! We welcome your participation.