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Sofia Angelina serves up the big brats at the Altengartz food kart on the corner of NW Davis Street & NW 3rd Avenue in Old Town every Friday & Saturday night.

The Portland food cart scene is renowned. Sprinkled throughout the city is curbside cuisine in sprawling cart hubs or solitary nooks. Few corners of the world or types of cuisine are unrepresented. These trailer-based food-flingers provide a quick, diverse alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants. Popular with lunch crowds, snack-hungry pedestrians, or merely those seeking some down-to-earth variety, food carts give color to the city while they produce fuel for your fragile human bodies.

In 2009, the NY Times Frugal Traveler visited PDX and highlighted food cart culture in a video.

Food cart locations

Most food carts in town are clumped into congregations from as a full city block to a couple carts huddled together. Some food carts stand alone, wedged in between restaurants and cafes or on the corners of parking lots.







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