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Portland in the 1840s

  • In 1843 the original land claim for the area that was to become Portland, in present-day downtown Portland, was filed by pioneers William Overton and Asa Lovejoy. [1]
  • Willamette Valley settlers met at Champoeg to elect a provisional government. William Johnson was elected as High Sheriff, making him the first law enforcement officer. [1]
  • In 1845, Overton sold his share of the claim to Francis Pettygrove. Until this time, the land was only called The Clearing. Pettygrove and Lovejoy flipped a coin to decide the name, each wanting to name the land after their hometown. Pettygrove's hometown of Portland, Maine won over Lovejoy's hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. [1]

Portland in the 1850s

  • As of 1850, Portland, now nicknamed "Stumptown", contained a steam sawmill, log cabin hotel, and the weekly Oregonian. The population of 821. [1]
  • The City of Portland was officially incorporated on February 8, 1851.
  • Also in 1851, the first mayor of the city, Hugh D. O'Bryant, was elected, and the first city council meeting was held. [1]
  • In 1852, Portland plated a right-of-way grid system, which also allocated land for the Park Blocks and public docks. [1]
  • 1853 brought the first ferry across the Willamette River, the Stark Street Ferry which was originally horse powered and operated from 1853 to 1895. [1]

Portland in the 1860s

  • As of 1860, the population in Portland was 2,874. [1]
  • In 1867, the first of the Park Blocks was officially acquired by the city. [1]

Portland in the 1870s

  • In 1870 the population was at 8,293 and the city of East Portland, across the Willamette, was established.
  • Also in 1870, Chinatown was established in an area from SW 2nd to SW 4th from Washington to Burnside.
  • In 1871 the first 41 acres of Washington Park was purchased from Amos N. King for $32,624. It was originally called City Park.
  • In 1875 the Pioneer Courthouse was completed; it is still standing today, making it the oldest Federal structure still standing in the Northwest.

Portland in the 1880s

  • As of 1880, the population in Portland was 17,577 and the first electric street lights were installed.
  • In 1887 the first zoo opened in Washington Park.
  • Also in 1887, the first bridge across the Willamette opened. It was the first Morrison bridge, built at a cost of $175,000 with a toll of five cents to walk across. It was the largest bridge west of the Mississippi at that time.
  • In 1888 Portland was first given the name "City of Roses".
  • Also in 1888, the first Steel Bridge opened and the Skidmore Fountain was completed.

Portland in the 1890s

  • As of 1890, the population stood at 46,385 and Portland got its first electric streetcar.
  • In 1891, the city of Portland merged with the towns of East Portland and Albina.
  • In 1893 the city of Sellwood (incorporated 1877) was annexed to Portland.
  • In 1895 Portland City Hall was completed.
  • Union Station opened in 1896.
  • Donald Macleay donated Macleay Park in 1897, later to become a part of Forest Park.

Portland in the 1900s

Willamette River panorama looking west at Portland, Oregon 1908

  • The Portland Rose Society held a "Fiesta from 1904 to 1906; this was the predecessor to the Rose Festival. [2]
  • Possibly one of the most major events of Portland's first century as a city was the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition held in Northwest Portland. The 1905 event drew more than two million visitors during its run and contributed to a population boom that lasted through the rest of the decade.

Portland in the 1910s

Portland grew again in 1915, when it annexed St. Johns and Linnton.

Portland in the 1920s

Portland in the 1930s

Portland in the 1940s

Portland in the 1950s

Portland in the 1960s

Portland in the 1970s

Portland in the 1980s

Portland in the 1990s

Portland in the 2000s

In 2009, PortlandWiki was launched.

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