Morrison Bridge

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The Morrison Bridge is bascule bridge that spans the Willamette River. It is the third bridge to have been at that location, with the first being the first bridge to re-unite the Eastside and the Westside.

The First Bridge

The original bridge crossing the Willamette was not called the Morrison Bridge, but was rather called the Washington Street Bridge, as it connected to SW Washington on the Westside. It was completed on April 12th, 1887. When it first opened, it was opened as a toll bridge.

The Second Bridge

The first bridge was replaced by the second in 1905. This bridge was of a design that pivoted horizontally on its center, so that the bridge would swing parralel to the shores in order to let river traffic run through. This bridge was not designed for automobile use, and was replaced by the current bridge in 1958.

The Current Bridge

The current Morrison Bridge was built by Multnomah County. On the west end, it has to main ramps: one entering downtown at SW Washington, while the other ramp enters the bridge at SW Alder. On the east side, traffic enters the bridge at SE Morrison, and exits at SE Belmont. In 1961 access ramps for Interstate 5 and Interstate 84 were added.