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Volunteers with Precious Daughters - The Messenger Van prepare to serve hot meals to hungry people in Portland.

According to their mission statement, "Precious Daughters is dedicated to helping women, children and families...(to bring)...healing and restoration to broken lives by meeting spiritual and physical needs."[1] The Precious Daughters "Messenger Van" has served "the homeless and needy on the streets of Portland since 1993" and "brings hope and hot food wherever it stops."[2]

Volunteer Opportunities

Precious Daughters' "volunteers range in age from 8 to 80, and everyone has something to contribute." Volunteers who want to contribute are asked to "show up, and we will find a job for you...that is suitable for your comfort level and gifting." Those interested in volunteering are asked to call 503-262-8080 or email preciousdaughters [at] The organization also "welcome(s) donations of warm clothing, socks, hats, blankets, funds, food and cooks."

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