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According to Potluck in the Park's main website "four to six-hundred Portland residents get to eat on Sunday because of Potluck in the Park. It is only because of the generosity of volunteers and donations from people like you that our Potluck community is able to continue to provide a meal to those in need."[1]

Sunday Meals

Potluck in the Park serves free meals to hungry people every Sunday in Portland's Paranoid Park (aka "O'Bryant Square"). Mealtime usually starts in the afternoon at about 3:00, but free meal "tickets" are handed out starting at around noon. The meal tickets are numbered; meals are served to ticket holders in ascending numerical order.

Location of Weekly Meals

O'Bryant Square (aka "Paranoid Park")
SW Washington Street Between Park & 9th Avenues
Map & Directions
Phone: 503.255.7611
Email: potluck@potluckinthepark.org
Main Website: Potluck in the Park


Free Barbecue & Resource Fair

On August 28th, Potluck in the Park will celebrate 20 years serving the homeless and low income population with a free BBQ & Resource Fair in the South Park Blocks. A RESOURCE FAIR will run from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and will offer bike repair, hair cuts, pet food provided by community partner, The Pongo Fund, and other pet services provided by Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team. Steve Goldberger, people of the street ministry, will be bringing pet food and hygiene kits. Live music will be provided by local musicians such as Shelly Rudolph, who has performed in all four Winter Warm benefit concerts. A brief ceremony will take place at 1:45pm.

Sunday, August 28th, 2011
South Park Blocks
Event Details

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  1. Potluck in the Park -- Main website.

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