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Voter-Owned Elections (variously called "Clean Elections," "Clean Money," or "Fair Elections") is term used to describe a particular system of publicly funded campaign schemes. A variety of voter-owned election systems are used in a small number of states and local political jurisdictions in the United States.

In the 2010 election cycle Measure 26-108 is the current publicly funded campaign scheme put before Portland's voters. Judging from recently reported campaign contributions[1], business interests are the measure's primary opponents while community organizations and labor unions are its primary advocates.

Measure 26-108 was defeated in November 2010, bringing an end to Portland's voter-owned elections.

Measure 26-108: Advocates and Adversaries

Primary Adversaries

Primary Advocates

Measure 26-108 is also supported by former White House press secretary Bill Moyers, Portland Mercury, ACLU of Oregon, Harvard professor Larry Lessig and Bus Project.[2]


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