East 82nd Avenue

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Local establishment Pussycats caters to a discerning clientele of gentlemen that want to see boobies

East 82nd Avenue is a major North-South arterial on the Eastside. It passes through the neighborhoods of Cully, Sumner, Roseway, Madison South, Montavilla, South Tabor, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Foster-Powell, Lents, Mt. Scott-Arleta, and Brentwood-Darlington before continuing South into Clackamas County.

As of 2007, seven of Portland's 10 most dangerous intersections (measured by pedestrian deaths) were on 82nd or nearby 122nd avenues.

Portions of East 82nd Avenue are known as the Avenue of Roses, Oregon Route 213, the Cascade Highway North No. 68, and of course SE 82nd Avenue and NE 82nd Avenue.


Although the street and the surrounding neighborhoods have improved economically in recent years, the area is commonly seen as being a low-income, undesirable part of town. The general area surrounding East 82nd is sometimes derisively referred to as "Felony Flats".

82nd has long had a reputation as a hub for prostitution, strip clubs, sex shops, lingerie stores, and other aspects of Portland's sex industry. This reputation has existed since at least the 1970s.[1] As of 2008, prostitution arrests had decreased dramatically following a series of stings.[2]



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