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A Start-up, is a term for a new business.

Generally, it is referred to businesses within technology and internet markets. The term is for businesses in a specific state. It is undergoing the process of connecting a business strategy to investment funds. Technology & internet businesses can share equally difficult tasks of large equipment overhead. Because the starting funds can be so large, a business will depend on a series contributions from investors.

There is also a trait that most start-ups share, in that there is a level of flux withing the business organization. A startup usually centers around an idea that is novel, and therefore does not have a lot of financial proof and/or business intel to learn from. There are pros and cons to that. The pro is that the business is flexible enough to accept new types of personalities, and skill sets. There is also the chance that in succeeding, an employee will reap rewards uncommon for their organization level. Start-ups often regarded as a lottery ticket. The cons are equally as impressive. Namely that the chance of success is small. Small because the idea is untested, and therefore considered risky to investors, customers and the market. Another con, most often mentioned by technologists is that the pay is low or non-existent. Thus employees must depend on hope that the hard work they provide for free, will someday transform into riches.

Local Entrepreneurial Groups

Since start-ups depend on acquiring new talent, and funding. There exists a tactical need to be networking with resources available in the community. Events exist in Portland with the goal of helping growth and success of small business ideas.

Entrepreneurial Groups

Local Startup Accelerators